Last night was Stereogum’s third annual Christmas party. Were you there? We were! Up late. Here’s the best songs of the week.

I have pretty strict seasonal listening habits. Certain sounds or styles just make more sense in certain weather or times of year. It is entirely subjective and not something I have totally logical reasoning behind. Rap is almost always summer music for me, but every now and then an outlier comes along and upends it. Czarface and Ghostface’s “Iron Claw” is one of those unique situations. Currently, it’s very cold in New York and my street has turned into this hellish wind tunnel situation full of horror movie howls. And “Iron Claw” sounds perfect in those circumstances. Between its brittle graveyard lurch, eerie synths and vocal samples, and each MC’s icy precision, there’s a haunting intensity to “Iron Claw” that sounds just like the freezing, deadened surroundings of December in New York. Both relatedly and tangentially, hearing a veteran like Ghostface do his thing is the exact kind of comfort food you want around the holidays. –Ryan